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The Photo Show with Michael Chovan-Dalton. A podcast about photographers.

“There’s this idea for me of like time travel…the closest we get to time travel is this awareness that photographers have …that things will change…and also I’ve lived long enough that now I can look back 30 years ago…and I’ve lost some people over the years like there’s been people that you know and I’m kind of like I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture that day.”

Greg Miller is a Guggenheim Fellowship recipient, an instructor for the International Center of Photography, and one of the hardest working photographers in the business. His work has been widely published and shown. Be sure to check out his 8×10 photography on his website. Kai and Michael sit down with Greg to discuss his successes in both the editorial and the fine art worlds of photography and the mentors and inspirations that have helped make him the photographer that he is today. Michael and Greg also do some catching up to makeup for some lost time and to reconnect after 20+ years.


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